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Master of Materials Science


Examination regulations Masters of Materials Science (as of Oct 2016 - GERMAN Version)

Examination regulations Masters of Materials Science (ENGLISH translation - German version binding only)

Modular Structure of the  Master Course Materials Science (valid from Oct. 2016)

To finish the Master degree, modules must be completed in the total amout of 120 CP
(CP = credit point; 1 CP equals 30 h) in accordance to the following regulations:

Compulsory Modules (Materials Science)

Module Name LP
Sum 51
Synthesis and Properties of Inorganic Materials
Advanced Materials Science Laboratory
Atomic Transport and Phase Transformations
Polymer Materials Science
Advanced Science Seminar(1)
Practical Skills and Project Planning(2)

1) The module "Advanced Science Seminar" comprises participation in a seminar (presentation of a scientific talk and discussion of the contributions of other students) and the certified attention to at least 8 talks in the Materials Science Colloquium. Seminars to varying topics will be regularly offered by the university teachers.
2) The module "Practical Skills and Project Planning" is usually performed in the same scientific group as the Master Project.

Compulsory Optional Modules (related or unrelated to Materials Science)

Module Name    LP
Sum   9
General skills (chosen from catalog)
Engineering Science (chosen from catalog)
  0 - 9
  0 - 9

Subject of Specialization (Compulsory Optional)

Module Name    LP
Sum   30
Subject I:  Modules chosen according catalog
Subject II: Modules chosen according catalog
  12 - 18
  12 - 18

The "Specialisation Subjects" represent the core of the scientific education. Presently, they can be chosen from the following:

  • Advanced Materials Characterization
  • Functional Materials
  • Inorganic Materials Chemistry
  • Materials Theory and Simulation
  • Metals and Structural Materials
  • Nanomaterials and Surfaces
  • Plastics Engineering
  • Soft Matter and Bio-Materials

Each of these subjects offers a choice of different related modules which can be selected in accordance to the "Subject Catalog of Material Science Specialization Catalog". In exceptional cases, also individual choices can be approved by the Chair of the examination board, if coherent profile is built. Some modules are only offered in biannual frequency. So early planning of your individual schedule is recommended.

Master's Thesis

Name LP
Master-Thesis 30



Time Schedule

Sem. I

  28 CP

Synthesis and Properties of Inorganic Materials

     4V/1Ü) 6 CP

Advanced Materials Science Laboratory

                          (6P) 9 CP

Material Science Specialization I Compulsory Optional
(Choice among alternative subjects)

Optional courses(general) (2)

                9 CP

Sem. II

  31 CP

Atomic Transport and Phase Transformations

    (4V/1Ü) 6 CP

Polymer Materials Science

                     (5V/2Ü) 9 CP

Material Science-

12-18 CP(1,4)

Sem. III

  31 CP

Practical Skills and Project Planning (related to topic of Master Thesis)
                                                              15 CP

--Specialization II
Compulsory Optional

(Choice among alternative subjects)                 12-18 CP(1,4)

Advanced Science Seminar (3)         

(4S) 6 CP

Sem. IV

  30 CP

Master Thesis                                                                                                                           30 CP


  1. Specialization I & II must be selected from predefined module containers. In total 30 CP must be obtained in “Specialization I and II” together.
  2. Choice from an extended catalog with various topics offered by University including natural sciences, engineering, soft skills and languages.
  3. Regular participation in the Materials Science Colloquium and active participation in an advanced seminar offered by one the University teaches active in the Master program.
  4. Lectures can be offered in a double year rhythm, if necessary.


   Compulsory, Materials Science
   Compulsory optional, Materials Science
   Compulsory optional, General Studies
  Research training, compulsory but depending on individual choice of thesis project


Recommended scheme of the Master Program in Materials Science at the University of Stuttgart. The content, organization and examination regulations of the modules are given in the module descriptions, which can be seen by click on the respective modules in the scheme. (CP: credit points, L: lecture, E: exercise, S: seminar, P: practical course, 1 CP equals 30 h)